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I work with Magento


Since 2009 I have developed and maintained Magento websites. Being an opensource ecommerce platform, it comes with many benefits for companies requiring an online presence with a flexible shopping cart system.

Some of these benefits include total control of the look and feel of the website, as well as the functionality of the online store. It includes powerful marketing including comprehensive search engine optimisation.

The ability to scale Magento allows it to be deployed for small companies with only a few products, to those with tens if not hundreds of thousands of products with custom complex behaviour, all without the need to change platforms.

As with most of it’s competitors, Magento offers a variety of plugins and themes, which is my speciality. These plugins and Themes enhance your customers experience.

If you have a reason to sell online, Magento is one of many different systems I can design, install and configure to your exact needs.

I can take on your existing Magento website, arranging hosting if needed and migration from your old setup into a Magento dedicated hosting provider, with zero downtime.

If you are starting from scratch, I can design and build from the ground up to your exacting specifications.

Finally I can migrate you over from another system, for instance I have moved many Joomla websites using plugins such as Virtuemart, JoomShopping, Digicom and others over to the Magento platform.

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