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Rollagranola – Perfectly Pistachio 350g by Health Click

Rollagranola – Perfectly Pistachio 350g

Rollagranola – Perfectly Pistachio 350g by can be bought for £5.50


Low Sugar (5%), Gluten-Free and Free from Refined Sugars Oat GranolaOne bag contains over a weeks worth of breakfast with 8+ portions at 350g a pack. Recommended Portion: 40gNo matter what level of sugar you prefer you deserve a great-tasting granola. That€™s why we designed a product that’s perfectly suited for diabetics. We have used super tasty pistachios and almonds- (the highest protein nuts) as some research shows they a good for type 2 diabetics. We have used cinnamon and berry fruits to add flavour without sweetness. So who is this for? Anyone who wants to cut down on sugar but not flavour.People wanting less sugar spikes in their bloodstream and from customer feedback, diabetics too.People who want more protein from nuts.You, if you want a lovely nutty granolaIt goes without saying that even if you aren€™t diabetic, this should be the perfect granola for anyone trying to get great food without sugar being sneaked in.IngredientsGluten Free Oats, Whole Apple, Pistachio Nuts, Almonds, Dessicated Coconut, Pumpkin Seeds, maple Syrup, Brazil Nuts, Mixed Fruits (Blackcurrent, Redcurrant, Raspberry), Flax, Butter, Cinnamon, Avocado oil, Himalayan Pink Salt.

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