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Suma Wholefoods Polenta Flour 500g x 6 by Health Click

Suma Wholefoods Polenta Flour 500g x 6

Suma Wholefoods Polenta Flour 500g x 6 by can be bought for £6.99


SUMA WHOLEFOODS Polenta Flour 500g nnPolenta is a traditional staple of northern Italy and is made by simply mixing the cornmeal with water and simmering and stirring until it thickens. It can be served hot – known as wet polenta – or left to cool and set in a dish and then cut into squares or slices which are fried or grilled to give a light crust. Nutritional Info nnEnergy 1423 kJ/340.097 kcal nnFat 1.5 Grams nnof which: nn- Saturates 0.5 Grams nnCarbohydrate 74 Grams nnof which: nn- Sugars 2 Grams nnFibre 1 Grams nnProtein 8.5 Grams nnSodium 1 Grams. Warnings nnKeep in a cool and dry place out of direct sunlight. Once opened, store in an airtight container. Ingredients nnGround Cornmeal.

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