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Sun & Seed Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds (250g) by Health Click

Sun & Seed Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds (250g)

Sun & Seed Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds (250g) by can be bought for £4.45


SUN & SEED Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds 250g nnHemp Seeds, also known as hemp hearts, dehulled hemp seeds or hulled hemp seeds are the number 1 product from this amazingly versatile plant. Hemp seeds contain high quantities of the digestible protein edestin (contains all 10 essential amino acids) and the omega-3, omega-6 and omeg-9 and GLA essential fatty acids. In this form hemp seeds are non-germinating yet fully digestible* without soaking (unlike most nuts and seeds). Get Hemp seeds Australia that are Australia Certified ORGANIC, RAW, VEGAN and GLUTEN-FREE. Used around the world in a myriad of recipes, the hulled hemp seeds are soft enough to rub on your skin as an omega-3 essential fatty acid exfoliant! The hemp seed packs are made fresh daily to ensure you get only the best product possible.nnIn accordance with clause 1 of the Food Standards Code 1.4.4, Hemp Foods Australia Pty Ltd does not sell and will not supply prohibited food products and in accordance with the Food Standards Code and NSW Food Act 2003. Although hemp foods are allowed for use in North America and Europe, Hemp foods are not allowed for sales as a food in Australia and New Zealand (except for hemp oil in NZ). In no way do we intend to mis-lead our customers about the use of products being sold by us. Our hemp seeds, hemp protein powder and hemp oil are ONLY to be purchased if you understand they may be used for external use only or exported to a country where consumption is legal. By purchasing products from us you agree to these terms. Nutritional Info nnPer 100g. nnEnergy 567kcal/2373kJ,Proteins 30.6g,Fats 45.9g,Carbohydrates 10.9g,fiber 6g. Directions nnused not only in salads but also as a concentrate for a refreshing drink after dilution with water ratio 1:8.nn Ingredients nnRaw Hulled Hemp Seeds.

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