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Superfoodies – Mushroom Coffee Relax 10bags by Health Click

Superfoodies – Mushroom Coffee Relax 10bags

Superfoodies – Mushroom Coffee Relax 10bags by can be bought for £8.50


Mushroom coffee RELAX €“ Superfoodies €“ enjoy coffee with the benefits of mushroom extractsSuperfoodies Mushroom coffee is a new way to enjoy fresh coffee with all of the benefits of carefully selected mushroom extracts. Superfoodies Mushroom coffee contains 95% Arabica coffee from the central Colombian Andes and 5% mushroom extract. The ancient elders from the region have used mushrooms for centuries to support good health. The coffee has a rich taste with undertones of red fruit, herbs, citrus and lemon. IngredientsColombian castillo & caturra ground coffee 9500mg*, Lion’s mane mushroom powder 200mg*, Reishi mushroom extract 300mg*. * Certified organic ingredients.

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