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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We Built this city on SEO

It could be argued that the manager of the rock band Jefferson Starship gave rise to the world of SEO. Saddened that the official page was not on the first page of search results, but actually the fourth.

The term SEO was certainly being used way before I stumbled upon it around 2003. As early as 1997 marketing businesses were using the words search engine optimisation in February 1997, although most people incorrectly believed it was first used on a spam UseNet post later that year. My point is, depending on your viewpoint, it’s either been around a long time (in terms of the age of the internet) or no time at all (as an actual business)

The first time SEO actually came out as a mainstream “thing” was in 2004, when the contest “Nigritude Ultramarine” was created.

Online Marketing firm, DarkBlue was to award an iPod Mini to the person who earned Google’s top search ranking for the nonsensical term “Nigritude Ultramarine.”

To enter the contest, which ran only for a month, entrants had to become a member of the forum. In addition to the target phrase, entrants had to display a custom DarkBlue competition logo on their site. It was in itself a form of self SEO by demanding entrants link back to their site, and it worked. For a small price of an iPod Mini, DarkBlue received huge gains in traffic for many years afterwards and many more SEO contests were spawned, starting what we now know as SEO.

As search engines evolved more complex algorithms, the tactics changed from merely acquiring backlinks and the newly developing industry became more cut throat, with a lot of snake oil salesmen getting in on the act, promising you the earth but often delivering little.

I don’t divulge how I work, however I keep abreast of what works, what doesn’t and what will harm your website rather then help it. As an example, in 2020 I took over the maintenance of a website where the previous person running the SEO for it had linked to their site through hundreds of free directories and poor spamvertised websites. It took me around 2 hours to undo that damage, but another four months to start seeing positive results.

If you have a great website but poor results, please get in touch.

I offer a multitude of options, many of which can work side by side such as SEO, pay per click campaigns, Facebook and twitter adverts, product placement via social media influencers, non mainstream methods such as utilising highly optimised sites like Quora to generate highly targeted traffic, and many more methods that I will not openly disclose.

I don’t tie people into contracts. If you are not happy with any aspect, we part ways. However what you get is an up front plan. Weekly updates of perceived performance, where you can give feedback on actual performance, because visitors to your website don’t always equate to a return on investment. This constant review and feedback allows fine tuning to get best possible results, rather than a set it and forget it approach that many SEO companies adopt.


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