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Rouge Stainless Steel Hegar Dilator Set by Sexy Contours

Rouge Stainless Steel Hegar Dilator Set


Rouge Stainless Steel Hegar Dilator Set by can be bought for £36.96


Hegar dilator Set consists of 8 dialotors made of stainless steel and comes in a leather case. Each Dilator has a smooth shaft for comfort whilst creating intense stimulation and pleasure. Made of body safe stainless steel. We recommend a good quality lubricant is used for easy insertion. nnRounded tip for easy insertion.nNo porousnHegar dilators provide the option of double ended dilators in even millimeter increments, or from 3 to 18 for a greater diameter range over the entire setnn3mm to 4mmn5mm to 6mmn7mm to 8mmn9mm to 10mmn11mm to 12mmn12mm to 14mmn15mm to 16mmn17mm to 18mm

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