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RENDS R1 Starter Set by Sexy Contours

RENDS R1 Starter Set


RENDS R1 Starter Set by can be bought for £48.40


The R-1 Starter Set has the main controller for all the R-1 attachments and comes with its own Bach Rotor. nn The Bach Rotor is a vibrating bullet that has 50 modes 7 different patterns x 7 different speeds and will produce the most intense pleasure.n n Data typed attachment controlR-1 controller reads IC chip data built-in each attachment and controls attachments to express the most suitable motion in accordance with their characteristics.Advanced power supply circuitBy inserting optimized power supply circuit for battery drive , we achieved energy conservation. We also analyzed the balance between power and energy to maximize battery ability.Auto power off functionEven if you forget to turn off the power, it automatically turns itself off 4 minutes after no motion start. Just like TV remote controller , you do not have to remove battery every time you finish using R-1. Because power consuming level while power is off is 13uA which is almost the same as natural electric discharge.Battery remain indicatorWhen the battery power become weak ,R-1 controller detects it and warns you by blinking LED pilot light. It also has an auto-power-off function when the battery voltage gets too weak to use.Turbo functionTurbo function was originally designed to prevent motor burning.But it turned out that it can produce massive power for certain time by using the power supply unit with our own special technology.n Click right and save as for the PDF guide: click here.n

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