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Ecozone Coffee Machine Cleaner & Descaler 500ml by Natures Healthbox

Ecozone Coffee Machine Cleaner & Descaler 500ml


Ecozone Coffee Machine Cleaner & Descaler 500ml by can be bought for £5.09


Ecozone Coffee Machine Cleaner and Descaler 500 ml Ecozone Coffee Machine Cleaner & Descaleris a non-toxic solution that is designed to work with most Coffee machine brands and types. Itleaves no taste or odour behind so you can enjoy great tasting coffee every time! 500ml. Vegan. Eco-friendly. Cruelty free. Palm oil free. Septic tank safe. With natural Aloe Vera. Made with plant based ingredients. Maintains your machines performance. A natural, odourless & taste free solution. Cuts through limescale & coffee residues. Also available: Ecozone Kettle & Iron Descaler – 3 Sachets andEcozone Tap & Showerhead Descaler Gel 150ml. Ecozones Coffee Machine Cleaner cuts through any lingering limescale and coffee build-up in your machine leaving you with a spotless and residue free appliance, each and every time.

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