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Lamberts Refreshall 120 Tablets by Natures Healthbox

Lamberts Refreshall 120 Tablets


Lamberts Refreshall 120 Tablets by can be bought for £17.89


RefreshallLamberts Lamberts Refreshall 120 Tabletsare a high potency supplement that, at 2 tablets daily, provide the full 6000mg of Ginkgo that has been in scientific studies, plus three other Herbs, Lemon balm, Rosemary and Sageall at relevant levels. Ginkgo is the herb most associated with Memory thanks to its gentle ability to improve the flow of blood, and therefore oxygen and Other Nutrients, to the Brain. It also promotes further blood flow to the arms and legs, which makes it useful for reducing pain, cramping and weakness caused by narrowed arteries. 120 tablets. Suitable for vegetarians. Highest quality of ginkgo extract. Disintegration time: less than 1 hour. May help with age-related memory loss. 2 Tablets daily, provide the full6000mgof ginkgo. Useful for arm & legpain, cramping and weaknesses. Also includes relevant levels oflemon balm, rosemary & sage. With B Vitamins & Iodinefor normal neurological

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