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Together Vegan Vitamin D3 30 Capsules by Natures Healthbox

Together Vegan Vitamin D3 30 Capsules


Together Vegan Vitamin D3 30 Capsules by can be bought for £6.99


Together Organic Vitamin D3 Together Vegan Vitamin D3 Capsules are a special, vegan, plant-based vitamin D3, produced from lichen, in the body’s preferred active form – this meansTogether Vegan Vitamin D3 is easily absorbed. These capsules have an additionalbase ofCoconut Oil to further enhance D3 absorption and assimilation of this essential, fat-soluble vitamin. 30 Capsules. Non GMO. Gentle on the stomach. 1000iu Active vitamin D3. Free from milk products (lactose). Abioactive vegan plant source vitamin D3. Manufactured to ISO/GMP/BRC accreditation. Sustainably harvested from wild grown lichen. Gluten Free, wheat free, yeast free & soya free. In a base of coconut oil for improved absorption. Don’t like capsules? Together Vegan Vitamin D3 Capsulesare made of plant cellulose made from thePinus Elliottiitree. These two piece capsules can be separated and the nutrient rich contents mixed with food or drink for those who can’t take

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