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Ukidama Massage Bulb and Bath light – Take by Sexy Contours

Ukidama Massage Bulb and Bath light – Take


Ukidama Massage Bulb and Bath light – Take by can be bought for £79.16


Enjoy a unique partner experience with the Take Ukidama Massage Sphere from Tenga. The Ukidama is a toy that can not only be used for a wonderful relaxing massage but also has an atmosphere-enhancing function. This soft silicone sphere floats in the water and spreads a soft light. You can choose from 4 powerful settings. If the temperatures literally start to rise between you, you can also use Ukidama as a massage ball for the body and intimate areas. The sphere has 3 different vibration settings and 1 pattern. nn nn In the bedroom, Ukidama is also a decorative light bulb for next to the bed, for example. Thanks to the supplied stand, it stays neatly in place and is always within reach. You can charge it with the included USB cable and the Ukidama is waterproof (up to 50 cm depth). nn nn The Ukidama massage and light bulb is available in 3 different designs and is a special gift to give to your partner.

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