What is Affiliate Marketing

What is an affiliate?

Well, in short it is someone like myself. I generate income via websites such as this one by introducing a buyer to a seller, and then taking a small cut for doing so.

In previous years this was a simple task, because as an SEO I found it a very easy task to turn affiliate feeds into pages which were found easily by search engine users. These search engine users then clicked on the links held on those pages, and when those users purchased from the URL I provided I got a cut - usually between 1% and 15% of the sale price.

Today the process is the same, but because of improvements in the algorithm used by Google (In the main, as Google provide more than 90% of my traffic) pages such as these no longer generate a lot of traffic because the content is undervalued.   In short, if you have a set of pages (In my case, nearly 400,000) that are considered duplicate content, you are going to get penalised heavily.   Quite rightly so too in my humble opinion, even if this penalty is harming my back pocket.

So, instead now utilising a script that I wrote to processi the affiliate feeds that big companies push out to help affiliates like myself, and turning them into a single fly page for each product - I now only provide a single portal to each website I sell for.   These portals still aim to pull a buyer into my website for me to redirect to another, but I now have far fewer bites of the cherry.    In short I have to work smarter AND harder and no longer can an affiliate take the lazy scattergun approach which had held me in good stead for well over a decade.

I have played both sides of the affiliate coin, I have sold for others and I have had others selling for the companies I have worked for over the years.    Should you have a requirement that needs to either sell or create an income by selling for others please get in touch with me.

My affiliate pages are here, but they are a work in progress as I do not have hours spare per day to create a good quality page for every company I sell for.