Affiliate Pages


Here are the companies I am currently an affiliate of and have created pages for, with the sole purpose of having them being found by people using search engines, looking to buy products.

The number in brackets are the amount of products currently listed for that company, and varies from day to day as these companies change the items they currently have for sale.

As well as products from the companies below, I have also uploaded a number of voucher codes you can use online to save money off when buying online.

Just for clarification, if you click on any of my product links and buy, I get a cut!   It happens quite a lot through these pages being directly visited from search engines, due to good Search Engine Optimisation.

Absolute Cult (34,859)
Andy CrazyChef (904) 
Approved Vitamins (12,120) 
Baby UniqueCorn (477) 
Batz Shop (853)
Belle Lingerie (5904)
Body Sculpture (122) 
Boomerang (2195) 
Booze up (157)
Brands Vice (618)
Bronnley (134)
Buy Direct4u (531)
C.Scope Metal Detectors (26)
Cheap Bed Sale (426)
Circle One (154)
Creased Cards (1654)
Cufflink Gift Hub (1458)
Daisy Baby Shop (1814)
Darthub (471) (14,409)
Gardening Naturally (7204)
KnickersBoxersGlory (13,004)
Lock and Key (3148)
Natures Healthbox (9915)
Nazz Collection (366)
The Pink Pig (11,278)
The Seamstress of Bloomsbury (42)

On average I am adding a new company every few days, so please check back often.