Argentina 3 x 1 Netherlands, June 25th 1978

Argentina beat Holland 3-1 in in the 11th World Cup at Buenos Aires, Argentina


I was three days old, I wonder if my dad watched much of this world cup, I only remember him watching the odd game during world cups, I think like me he prefers only to watch the two teams that mean anything to him. Wednesday and England.


It’s the 25th June, 1978 and this is the first entry of things of note to happen during my lifetime.


Argentina weren’t yet known as the Dirty Argies, given it would be four years yet before they tried to take the Falklands, and Diego Maradona had not yet perfected the art of scoring with his hand, and was left out of the squad for the world cup in 78 despite having made his international debut in 77. He’d make up for this 11 years later in the first World Cup I ever actually watched, mind.