Mini Dirt Bike Chain Guard T1 by Fun Bikes

Mini Dirt Bike Chain Guard T1

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Mini Dirt Bike Chain Guard This chain guard universal fit for the latest generation of mini dirt bikes Made from hard plastic these are tough and durable Designed to keep the chain enclosed and protect the riders from catching their legs or clothing as they ride They also deflect the chain away from the rider should the chain come or or fail Mini dirt bikes guards are not essential on all bikes though they are required for CE approval when new They are designed primarily for safety reasons and a sensible part to keep on the bike SummarynUniversal fit for latest generation bikesnCe approvednDeflects chain if it failsnProtects ridersnFits some Orion bikesnFits KXD bikes Pre December 2012nFits Cobra bikes Pre December 2012nFits Mini Quad Big Wheel Petrol model 2016

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