Mini Dirt Bike Gearbox Sprocket 14 Tooth by Fun Bikes

Mini Dirt Bike Gearbox Sprocket 14 Tooth

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Mini Dirt Bike Upgrade Gearbox Sprocket 14 Tooth Universal fit onto all mini moto dirt bike transfer boxes if you are looking to increase top speed this sprocket for you The sprocket will fit straight onto your existing transfer box gearbox and will increase top speed by approx 5mph over the 11 tooth sprockets which are the most common standard fitment Though top speed increased acceration decreased and inital take off will be much slower Summaryn14 Tooth 8mm pitchnWill decrease starting accerationnIncreases top speed by approx 5 mph over 14 toothnincreases top speed by approx 10 mph over 11 toothnFits all gearboxes transfer boxes

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