Mini Moto, Quad, Motard, Dirt Bike 50cc Race Engine Red by Fun Bikes

Mini Moto, Quad, Motard, Dirt Bike 50cc Race Engine Red

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Mini Moto Quad Motard Dirt Bike 50cc Race EnginenIf fitting to a FunBike mini quad you will have to use a standard carb manifold and black all weather air filtern An uprated performance orientated version of the standard 49cc mini moto enginenFeaturing multiple upgrades from the standard engine which include full circle balanced crank which generates higher torque and smoother running ported high compression cylinder with aggressively vented cylinder head for improved cooling bigger fuel flow carburettor and performance air filternThe engine also features a substantial metal pull start heavy duty clutch housing fitted with 6 tooth pinion and stronger heavy duty clutch The pull start clutch housing and air filter have all been colour matched with the cylinder headnThe engine revs approx 3000 rpm higher than a standard engine right up to 12000 RPM A standard mini moto engine approx 25 HP This one nearer 4 HP The biggest increase isnrsquot top speed though it slightly faster The real noticeable difference low down power and acceleration which referred to as torque So this a high performance high torque enginenBeing a race product we are unable to offer any warranty on this item The engine will vibrate and you will therefore need to check all fixings for tightness before each use We also advise as with all mini moto based products that users should have or know someone with mechanically knowledge as constant maintenance required For some mini quads you will have to fit the standard black box air filter as there maybe not enough frame clearancenIf yoursquore looking to replace or upgrade your existing mini moto engine then this a great purchase for you

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