ProKennex Delta CB 10 II Squash Racket Double Pack by

ProKennex Delta CB 10 II Squash Racket Double Pack

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The ProKennex Delta CB10 II squash racquet double pack stands out as a real bargain with two classy frames suitable for players seeking superior consistency on shots, added power, and good precision, and of course a terrific value for money deal. Each racquet offers a good-head size of 500cm2 granting larger-sweet spot for more precision and added potential power. To ensure maximum comfort and playability with proper vibration dampening, the racquets incorporate a graphite / spiral tech carbon frame material composition, whilst the added weight of 140g provides suitable stability on each ball impact. The Delta CB10 II includes an optimisable balance point, thanks to an innovative ProKennex Counter Balance technology, and it comes pre-strung with Response string in a 14×18 pattern. Furthermore, to maintain proper protection between games, the rackets are supplied with a full cover.

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