Reebok Mens Training 65cm Two Tone Gym Ball by

Reebok Mens Training 65cm Two Tone Gym Ball

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The Reebok Men’s Training 65cm two tone gym ball provides additional stability so users can do a vast range of exercises in a more secure environment. Stability comes from the double-coated rubber base and the Swiss ball will be great for targeting your core strength and enhancing your balance, posture, flexibility and overall fitness. Try performing exercises such as the plank, lower-ab crunches, tricep dips, shoulder curls and squats, and put on the included workout DVD for more inspiration. This exercise ball is made from durable high-density rubber for good strength and it features anti-burst technology so it will deflate slowly if it develops a puncture, keeping you safe. This fitness ball comes with a pump and is suitable for users 170cm and 185cm (66.9” x 72.8”) tall up to a maximum weight of 110kg (242.5lbs).

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