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Reebok Womens Training 65cm Gym Ball

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The Reebok Women’s Training 65cm gym ball is a top gym accessory that lets users perform a great range of exercises to enhance core strength, flexibility, posture, balance and overall fitness. Some possible drills would include tricep dips, lower-ab crunches, the plank, shoulder curls and press and side squats, and the ball is supplied with a pump and a workout DVD to get you going. The grey Swiss ball has a 65cm (25.6”) diameter and is made for users between 170cm and 185cm (66.9” x 72.8”) tall up to a maximum weight of 110kg (242.5lbs). Use it confidently in the knowledge that it is made from high-density rubber and uses anti-burst technology which means that in case of a puncture the ball will deflate slowly and safely.

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