Salming Fusione Pro Aero Vectran Squash Racket by

Salming Fusione Pro Aero Vectran Squash Racket

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The Salming Fusione Pro Aero Vectran squash racket is suitable for a player who wants manoeuvrability, control and power and features an aerodynamic frame with the open face structure for impressive spin potential. An oversized head (495cm2) delivers enhanced power, while unique Vectran material guarantees exceptional vibration damping and impact resistance. Strung with Instinct Response string in a 14×19 string pattern, the racket provides a balance of durability, power and feel and there is X3M Sticky grip for a long lasting grip and extra shock absorption. Plus, the Fusione Pro Aero Vectran offers powerful closed throat bridge racket geometry with a head heavy balance.

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