Speedo Endurance 10 Fit Laneback Ladies Swimsuit SS18 – 38″ by Sweatband.com

Speedo Endurance 10 Fit Laneback Ladies Swimsuit SS18 – 38″

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Meant for regular practice swim sessions carried in a comfortable fashion, the Speedo Endurance 10 Fit Laneback ladies’ swimsuit offers a superior liberty of motion whilst in water thanks to a medium leg height, and Laneback style. The costume ensures superior protection from chlorine thanks to a Creora HighClo fabric composition, whilst superior sun protection provided by the UPF50+ technology makes it suitable for outdoor swimming. Additionally, the swimsuit retains new-like shape for countless pool visits, due to Endurance®10 boosting the overall durability and fading resistance. Moreover, for added confidence, the costume grants a light bust support.

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