Speedo Monogram Mens Aquashort AW16 – 30″ by Sweatband.com

Speedo Monogram Mens Aquashort AW16 – 30″

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Designed with fitness and swimming fans in mind, the Speedo Monogram Men’s aquashorts deliver close-fit structure to create a hydrodynamic smooth silhouette in water. The apparel is manufactured from snag resistant, quick-drying fabric to ensure maximum resilience and leisure, plus it’s also highly resistant to fading. These hundred percent chlorine proof aquashorts include a four-way stretch technology to guarantee increased comfort and unmatched freedom of manoeuvrability, as well as a retain shape for longer due to soft to touch Speedo Endurance®10 fabric. With flexible drawstring waist, the aquashorts allow for personal fit and comfort, plus they look excellent and stylish at the beach or swimming pool.

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