Tanita BC601 Innerscan Segmental Body Composition Monitor by Sweatband.com

Tanita BC601 Innerscan Segmental Body Composition Monitor

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Designed to provide in-depth information on body fat and muscle mass percentages, the Tanita BC601 Innerscan segmental body composition monitor indicates how physical activities and diet affect your body and health. Featuring the latest segmental technology, the monitor analyses your body in five segments including arms, legs and the trunk area and comes with an included SD card that automatically stores all your body composition data that can be downloaded onto your laptop or computer in Excel format. Identifying physiological and biomechanical imbalances helps you increase your sports performance and improve your overall health, whereas transferring data to your PC for comfortable managing has been made easy thanks to Free Tanita Bodyvision software. The monitor has an extra-large LCD colour display and offers 4 user profiles for storing body composition data.

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