Shaun O’Connor: The Motion Picture

As I write this, I am greeted in my WordPress dashboard with “WordPress 5.0.3 is available! Please update now.” That will give some people a good indication of when I restarted this website in the form of a blog.

That greeting reminds me that I have taken the easy option, and used the most common blogging platform to host my website, because quite frankly it makes life simpler. My usual CMS of choice is equally uninspiring being Joomla. Being a previous user of Mambo which Joomla forked from many years ago, I find Joomla an easy option to pass on my creations to others. What i’m trying to get at is, I can build a site based up one PHP, HTML and MySQL which will do what I am trying to achieve here easily – but I am lazy.

I have several aims with this website, however they are quite vague and untargeted at this moment in time. Over the next few weeks I aim to gain focus and direction.

Now to the title of this blog post. I remember watching Star Trek, the motion picture as a child. I’d already enjoyed many of the original series and I was bored to death by this film. The reason is simple, it was slow to start and didn’t really follow the path of the episodes in the series. Later in life though I changed my mind.

It was in fact, at the time of first writing this blog post (as I envisage many re-writes) the last film I watched (again) for the umpteenth time. It’s not a classic Sci-fi film by any stretch of the imagination, but I enjoyed it – and in 2019. The film was made a year after I was born. I was born in 1978.

This first blog post will be re-visited as I update the pages listed at the bottom of this post, however the main body will remain the same, so……

For now I leave you with a copy of my CV, whilst also sharing some affiliate pages I have created with the notion that they will be found by search engine users, and gain me a cut of the sale price.

These affiliate pages quite simply sell me out, but for a good reason – they earn me a decent amount whilst not winding up my friends by asking them to buy via social media and such like. I have never sold to a friend, and if you ever do buy via one of my affiliate links please contact me to ask for a refund for my portion of the sale.

Here are the shops I currently sell for:- (Not a cumulative list, it’s alphabetical and I have not got further than D yet – and I actually sell for 1,119 different companies so this list may take some time to compile!)

Batzshop (763)
Belle Lingerie (5773)
Boomerang (2115)
Boudavida (62)
Bronnley (134)
Buy Direct 4u (569)
BuzzPinky (786)
Cancer Care Parcel (22)
Cheap Bed Sale (565)
Circle One (154)
Creased Cards (1356)
Cufflinks Gift Hub (1457)
Daisy Baby Shop (2014)
DB3 Online (300)
Dead Good Undies (1729)
Destiny Jewellery UK (218) (14409)

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