I will own up before you read a sentence more, this includes an affiliate link. That means if you sign up after clicking on this link, I get a bit of a kickback.

However, I will go one step further and say if you don’t feel I deserve that kickback but still want to sign up – feel free to visit the site by not clicking on my affiliate link.

The savings to be made are not awesome, but in just over three years, here is what I have earned in cashback from these guys.

Now there is an issue with cashback sites like Quidco and Top Cashback. Sometimes people are inclined to view the cashback amount and not actually pick the best deal for them.

For instance you can get £190 back on BT broadband yet if you choose that, you could actually pay more over the lifetime of the contract than if you went to a different supplier, including the cashback amount, so there is definitely some cause to check and double check every cashback transaction. Will it actually earn you cash, or cost you in the end?

That said, I definitely think the vast majority of the £1,032 I have cashed out in cold hard cash has been genuine savings (I don’t class it as earnings)

Here is my affiliate link to sign up under. If you do, let me know and as soon as i’ve banked the referral fee I will send £5 to your paypal account, or buy you a couple of beers.

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