ShoreLife Bamboo Hooded Beach Robe/Poncho (Adult) by Circle One

ShoreLife Bamboo Hooded Beach Robe/Poncho (Adult)

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ShoreLife s Bamboo Beach Robe/Poncho Towel is the latest must have for those that love the water! They are the perfect companion for any water based sports allowing you to dry and get changed with ease. What makes our poncho towel so unique is the extra soft feel provided by the 70% bamboo fibre they are made from. Bamboo has many good qualities one being that it is a natural anti-bacterial and is hypoallergenic. Don’t be without this beach essential. ShoreLife was created in the summer of 2016 on the UK s south coast, it was started by a couple of friends with a passion for good clothes, innovative new styles and materials. At ShoreLife we are lucky to be situated near to the stunning New Forest National Park and the Dorset coast line, using these as our inspiration for all of our products! Always remembering to Live-Ride-love!.

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