Breast Cancer Gift Package &pipe; For Women by Cancer Care Parcel

Breast Cancer Gift Package &pipe; For Women

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Bringing Luxury To The Breast Cancer Gift Box This pampering breast cancer gift is a luxury present appropriate for all women with any breast cancer diagnosis. A premium product suitable for all women with breast cancer. Everything that is needed: practical items for dealing with stress and therapy, luxury items for pampering, fun and motivational items. Giving relief during difficult times Safe for all treatments. What the media are saying The box packaging is so well designed which a lovely message on the top of ‘someone thinking of you, sent you this gift’. The box is really well presented and packaged and it contains so many items such as tea, a blanket, neck pillow, cosy socks, a nausea band and so much more. It’s designed around comfort and trying to help the recipient feel as comfortable as possible, whether at home or in hospital. Each item serves a purpose – from the headphones to block out the noise of other patients on a busy ward if the recipient is currently in hospital, to the anti-nausea wrist band to help control the nausea often experienced after chemotherapy, we love how the practical is combined with the feel-good and the fun. Because at the end of the day it is a gift, and the best kinds of gifts are those that are useful, fun and make you feel special, and we think this covers all of those and some. I have never seen anything like this available but have numerous times discussed with people what gifts are suitable to buy for someone who has cancer. A luxury gift appropriate for breast cancer patients .. *Just diagnosed with breast cancer *Undergoing any treatment (including chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery) *Convalescing *Not undergoing cancer treatment. The Ultimate Breast Cancer Survival Kit

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