Cancer Care Gift Package &pipe; For Men by Cancer Care Parcel

Cancer Care Gift Package &pipe; For Men

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Leaflet Provided With The Gift Why buy the men’s cancer care gift package? The cancer care gift for men contains:- Essential and luxury items needed by all men with cancer. Practical items for dealing with the everyday stress of cancer and its therapies. Luxury items for pampering and comfort Why Items In The Male Cancer Care Pack Were Selected Practical Items Portable Power Bank: When we surveyed men with cancer and their partners, one bugbear that they had was running out of power on their phone or other devices. This affected them during treatments, waiting for appointments and even when convalescing. The uniquely designed power bank solves this problem. Designed to be fast, light and ultra-portable, this is a perfect accompaniment to a tablet, mp3 player or phone. Ideal for hospital visits or when stuck in bed (at hospital or at home), this will make sure that they stay connected. Earphones: A set of spare earphones have been provided for relaxing/resting and blocking out the noise/world in bed or hospital or when waiting for appointments. Suitable for phones, tablets and computers. Water Bottle: It is always important to stay hydrated , even more so with a cancer diagnosis. This UK Manufactured water bottle is easy to hold with a wide neck for easy fill and cleaning. Eco-friendly, BPA free, Perfect to take to chemotherapy or just to keep close by as a reminder to drink. Chocolate and Ginger tea: We selected this ginger and chocolate herbal infusion to add a bit of luxury to the standard ginger anti-nausea remedy . This shibui leaf tea was a great Taste Award Winner of 2016 and is naturally caffeine free. For Pampering Vaseline® Lip Therapy® – Aloe Vera: It is easy to get dry or chapped lips when ill and more so when undergoing treatment for cancer or convalescing, So in this cancer care package for men there is an aloe lip therapy which protects and relieves dry and chapped lips. Instantly softening and soothing, it locks in moisture to help lips recover from discomfort. Contains *aloe (to calm and soothe dry irritated skin) and * triple-purified Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly (clinically shown to be safe and to protect and moisturise dry skin.) Essential Vitamin E hydration for Men: One general problem with male cancer is that the skin can get dry, from treatments or just convalescence and most cancer hampers focus on women and women’s skin needs. So our male cancer care pack includes Nivea for men, which is an instant skin care cream for the face, body and hands, which leaves no traces behind. Developed especially for extra fast absorption by men’s skin, the cream is light, non-greasy with an effective Vitamin E formula. It will put back moisture into the skin in just a few seconds and will help to prevent male skin from drying out again. Sleep Mask: To help relax anytime Two Supersoft Neck Cushions: To stay comfortable in hospital, at home or on long journeys, we have included this supersoft neck cushion in our male cancer care hamper. Soft to the touch and filled with thousands of tiny microbeads which sculpt to the body’s shape providing fantastic support. Perfect for both relaxing and easing pain. Additional Items Access to Cancer Resources: Created to support people affected by cancer (including parents, friends, family and carers Luxury packaging Safe for all adult men with any cancer diagnosis and any therapy (including chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery).

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