Christmas Cancer Care Gift Sack &pipe; For Kids by Cancer Care Parcel

Christmas Cancer Care Gift Sack &pipe; For Kids

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What Is In Children’s Seasonal Sack For Kids With Cancer? Christmas Gloves: Hands can get cold at any time but are particularly vulnerable to the cold after chemo. These festival season gloves can help with this and the chilly weather. Handwarmer: Another item for cold hands, this fun hand warmer has a knitted cover that is a fox at the front and contains a re-usable click to heat gel pack. Plush Hanging Reindeer with Fastener Hands: Simply a hanging reindeer, to take to the hospital, to be company during chemotherapy and/or to sit or hang by the bedside. Earphones: These spare earphones can be kept handy in a travel bag or by the bedside and will fit most phones, mp3 players and tablets. For playing on devices and listening to music in bed/hospital or waiting for appointments. Wind Up Mini Fan: The fan provided in this Christmas sack is very lightweight and so easy to carry and because it has super soft flexible blades there is no danger of anyone getting hurt. No batteries required. Ideal for radiotherapy and hospitals, which can make a patient feel hot and uncomfortable. Hessian Style Ho Ho Ho Santa Sack. Season’s Greetings note which lists the items enclosed with their benefits. This Christmas sack is appropriate for all children with any cancer diagnosis, undergoing any, or no therapy. What the press say about this gift If there is anyone you know and love who if suffering with Cancer, please take a look ….. These care packages are worth every penny and if you don’t know anyone; you could always donate. This Christmas sack is suitable for children with cancer, with the fun items inside addressing specific issues that children with cancer can face.

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