End of Chemo Survivor Gift Pack &pipe; For Adults by Cancer Care Parcel

End of Chemo Survivor Gift Pack &pipe; For Adults

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Leaflet Inside “The End Of Chemotherapy Parcel” Click below to see why items have been included I had chemo badge : Its all over, why not tell everyone? I did it A4 poster: A small motivational poster to remind your friend and the rest of the world that they have been through a lot. But got through it Ribbed Foot Roller: Its still important to take it easy and this pampering foot massage can help. Calming Music: Just because its over doesn’t mean they can stop taking care of yourself. This music is to relax and unwind. Candle – Non-Scented Meditation : This non-scented candle to give a relaxed atmosphere for convalescence. Taking it at your own pace. Two Supersoft Neck Cushions: Its time now for your friend to look after themselves. They can use these neck pillows to keep them comfortable at rest. Earphones: Spare earphones to fit in most devices and to help relax and take stock. Water Bottle: Keeping hydrated is very important . So in this gift box we have provided a UK Manufactured water bottle which is easy to hold and has a wide neck for easy filling and cleaning. Eco-friendly and BPA free. Access to Cancer Resources: Created to support people affected by cancer (including parents, friends, family and carers. Contents Information: A bright explanatory leaflet, with the heading that “Someone who cares about you sent you this..” Luxury Packaging Essential And Luxury Items For Chemotherapy Survivors For celebration and items to relax. All items appropriate for someone who has just finished chemotherapy. For all adults with any cancer diagnosis. Safe for all treatments.

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