ShoreLife ‘ShoreLie’ Inflatable Beach Lounger by Circle One

ShoreLife ‘ShoreLie’ Inflatable Beach Lounger

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The ‘ShoreLie’ by ShoreLife is a very light and portable inflatable beach lounger/bed/chair/ that has a multitude of uses. It is inflated in a matter of seconds and packed away in equal time in its handy carry bag, which means that it can be used hassle free. It will become your go-to necessity when heading to the beach; no more lying down on sandy towels! Alternatively use it to sit on around the campsite at family picnics or take out on the kayak. ShoreLife was created in the summer of 2016 on the UK s south coast, it was started by a couple of friends with a passion for good clothes, innovative new styles and materials. At ShoreLife we are lucky to be situated near to the stunning New Forest National Park and the Dorset coast line, using these as our inspiration for all of our products! Always remembering to Live-Ride-love!.

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