Thoughtful Cancer Gift Relief Kit &pipe; For Adults by Cancer Care Parcel

Thoughtful Cancer Gift Relief Kit &pipe; For Adults

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Everything included: practical items for dealing with stress and therapy, luxury items for pampering, fun and motivational items. Leaflet Inside The Adult Cancer Gift Relief Kit Essential And Luxury Items For People With Any Cancer At Any Stage Safe for any cancer therapy, including chemotherapy, radiotherapy and/or surgery. For all adults with any cancer diagnosis. To give relief during difficult times. This parcel is appropriate for all adults in ANY of the following circumstances 1) Just diagnosed with cancer 2) Undergoing any type of treatment 3) Not undergoing cancer treatment. Safe for all treatments. We regularly donate gifts to the charity ‘ Something to look forward to ‘. This is what one of the people who received a gift said My cancer care parcel is perfect, it has everything I might need. It is so well thought out. Hydration is so important especially during Chemo so the water bottle is perfect, I can take it everywhere with me!

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