Women’s Waterproof Running Jacket – Grey by Boudavida

Women’s Waterproof Running Jacket – Grey

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A women’s workout jacket that really goes the distance! Most sport jackets are either waterproof or stretchy. Well, we thought, why not have both? We sourced a specific, stretchy and waterproof 100% polyester material that will both perform in a downpour, and have incredible flexibility. Being able to stretch and fit around your figure means that this jacket flexes and moves with you while you exercise. We’ve included key features like a breathable back vent, zipped pockets, sealed seams, reflective logo and a high-cut collar. We also included our regular extended cuff and thumb holes in this design, so these nifty sleeves will close the gap that would otherwise let in the elements. Fits slightly small – we recommend trying up a size.

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