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Zita West Vital DHA 60 Capsules

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Zita West Vital DHA Capsules Whether or not you have considered taking Zita West Vital DHA Capsulesbefore becoming pregnant it is well worth starting to take them at any time during Pregnancy. Demand for DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) increases, in particular, in later pregnancy during the development of the baby’s brain and nervous system.This is why a good maternal supply of DHA is crucial throughout pregnancy, particularly during the first 12-16 weeks of pregnancy.Zita West Vital DHA contains omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids(EFAs), plus a small amount of Zinc. 60 Capsules (4 week’s supply). Non-GM. Gluten Free. Does not contain tuna. Free from artificial colours & preservatives. Contains omega-3, plus a small amount of zinc. Supports normal fertility & healthy sperm production. Approved by The Health Food Manufacturing Association. Also includes GLA (omega-6) derived from Evening Primrose Oil. Specificallydesigned to help protect both

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