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Hard Drive recovery service

From time to time hard drives fail, and the smart person will have backups.  Occasionally though, you may find that your backup solution is either non existent, hasn’t been tested (and doesn’t work?) or has just been neglected because you’ve never needed to use it in the past and well, hard drive failure will never happen to you, will it?

If you find yourself in this situation, I can help.  The obvious caveat to that statement is, sometimes data just is not recoverable, and so obviously in that situation – I can’t, but we don’t know up front if that is the case unfortunately.

Drives fail for several different reasons, the hard drive may have a software fault such as bad sectors on disk platters, it may have firmware issues on the controller, operating system faults and file read errors caused by sector problems.  It could even be caused by virus or malware.  Hard drives have moving parts and can suffer from mechanical or physical damage such as read/write head damage, otor damage and damage to the platters.

Whatever your situation, if the drive is in any way recoverable, I can help.  I have been recovering lost data for over a decade, whether on a laptop/desktop or on a NAS with RAID, Server, or SAN. 

As you can appreciate, the level of work required differs considerably depending upon your level and type of data loss.  Please email with details of your situation and contact information, as well as an indication of the speed you require for data recovery, and I will reply promptly with a proposal for the attempt to recover your data.

There are a few things to note, which go without saying as far as I am concerned, but sometimes they DO require saying.

  • No fix, no fee.   Pride stops me from charging for my time if I cannot recover your data.   I would hazard a guess at 70% success rate over the years, some of those successes are not 100% in as much as not all the data is recoverable, but where the majority of data has been recovered I do class that as a success.
  • I sample some of the recovery to be able to gauge the success.   I have unfortunately found questionable content on drives I have recovered in the past.  Make no mistake if you have anything illegal on your hard drive, you do not wish to send it to me.   Please, let’s not put each other in that situation.
  • Once I have gauged a decent success of recovery, I will send you a sample of the recovery as proof.   Upon receipt of payment I will either ship to you on suitable media the data, or provide you a download from my server.  
  • If you require more than data replacing, such as getting server or NAS back up and running as it was prior to drive failure, I will provide this service also. I will do this with just the added cost of the purchase of the hardware.  You are welcome to provide your own if you have a cheaper reseller than myself.
  • I have decided to ask for feedback, if you are willing to provide honest positive feedback with your name or your company name I am willing to offer a 50% refund on the total cost barring cost of replacement hardware.

Indicative prices would be:-

Typical Desktop / Laptop £100 (more if the drive arrives still inside a laptop/desktop as this will require shipping back to you.
RAIDed NAS £299 – Please do not send drives alone, I need the NAS enclosure for recovery
Server From £299 – but this can be closer to £999 depending on RAID type.
SAN Expect this to be £400 to £1500 and I will refuse some of these jobs dependant upon hardware involved.

I can provide forensic and insurance reports and this cost is administration only – £5.