Bulk Email Sending

Php list

If you are in marketing and are tasked with sending out bulk sales emails, then an option for you if you are not very competent would be something such as Mailchimp.  Or bulk email for dummies, as I like to call it.  

Now, if you are very small and only have a list of say, 2,000 subscribers and won’t send more than 12,000 emails a month you would actually make the correct decision using Mailchimp.  

However once you outgrow these ludicrously small numbers the cost goes upand upand upand up,and up….you get my drift?

This is where Open Source can come to your aid, with a fully customised version of phplist, which will give you a powerful email resource, which is designed to send a single email to large numbers of subscribers, from several hundred to millions of recipients.

Emails are composed in an easy to use web interface, and can be personalised.  You can use plain text, html and even use and save templates, and subscribers are organised into lists, so that you can target the correct emails to the right recipients.

Take a look at the menu structure to understand the power of phplist:-

phplist menu structure

From the main menu, you can instantly see this thing is easy to use.  Once you have set up and configured phplist, you will be unlikely to need to make many changes going forward and so you will mainly use the main menu, the list and user functions menu, and campaign functions.

As you can see, there are some pretty powerful options, but the crux of the matter is, it’s not only the best solution to someone wanting to spam send bulk emails, it is also the best solution to do so in a way which fully complies to all applicable anti spam laws around the world.

If you are savvy enough to configure and install phpList yourself, go for it.  If not I offer the following services:-

  1. Install, configure and brand to your company style on your chosen webserver host – £100
  2. Install, configure and brand to your company style to an existing server on your premises – £200
  3. Install, configure and brand to your company style to a new server on your premises – £800 which includes server.

I will also give training and offer limited support, not that you need it as this software is simplicity in itself.