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Shaun O'Connor knows Search Engine Management

Shaun O’Connor and Search Engine Optimisation.

I know a little about search engine optimisation, I ran the Seraphim Proudleduck SEO contest which ended on March 1st 2005 which was the 2nd ever SEO contest in the world. Back then, before so called online marketing experts had picked up on the term, SEO was the domain of true enthusiasts looking to game the system of the search engines. It appeared almost overnight, but every Tom, Dick and Harry was an expert, all offering you the untold wealth that a highly optimised site could offer you.

Its War! If you are not competent at SEO…..

Google is at war with SEO companies

Since those days of early optimisation run by geeks and the early heavy hitting bloggers, a state of war has existed almost.

A war between those who practice SEO and the search engines themselves, with ever changing algorithms designed to primarily provide the end user with the best possible search experience. That is, a state of war between the search engines and MOST of those who practice SEO. I would estimate in the region of 90-95% those optimisers are lazy, ineffectual and only really interested in the sale and often fall back on brief results, based on unethical methods which will in the long term only hurt your online presence.

I prefer the constant dance with the search engine bots and constant manoeuvres within the game of optimisation, aimed at obtaining pertinent and long standing rankings for websites.

It’s all well and good being number one on the search results, but if that term you rank for has nothing to do with what you sell – what use is it?  The game exists because your hands are tied, search engines do not really want you to optimise your site, they just want you to have a functional, good looking, unique website that loads fast and has to some degree interaction with its users.  That interaction is more and more social, with social indicators now a large part of the SEO process.


Every Christmas companies look to get their websites optimised to cash in on the Christmas rush, but by this is too late. Optimisation does not happen over night. It takes time and even more so on new websites. This is why it is important to realise that you need to start sooner rather than later. Any SEO  will need to do keyword research and put together a strategy.  I personally won’t consider anything less than a 6 month plan, and in truth a 12 month plan which incorporates monthly reviews is by far the most effective method.  If your website ranks for the terms you require on month 3 and also month 6, you really have done a good job, but all too often you rank at month 3, but are nowhere to be seen by month 6 onwards.   By that time your SEO has taken your money, shown you had results and is moving onto the next customer.

Short tail, not long tail

Shaun O'Connor has a short tail (!)

Your SEO got you ranked number one, and you are well pleased. You now rank number one for “Salsa M2 Wheelchair Sheffield” – and true to the term that has been targeted, you actually do sell Salsa M2 Wheelchairs!, which you believe are the best quality. More than that, you exist and operate in Sheffield. You are thinking about having a word with your SEO to target more then Sheffield because in truth you will ship anywhere in the UK, not just Sheffield, but this is a good start, right?   Sorry, that’s not even worth your time and money.

Three months pass, and you log into your Google Webmaster Tools as you’ve been taught to do, and you then realise that not one person other then yourself has done a search on “Salsa M2 Wheelchair Sheffield”, never mind some of the other geo targeted places you further asked to be included, were charged for and indeed now rank for such as “Salsa M2 Wheelchair Derby”, “Salsa M2 Wheelchair Huddersfield”, also with other variations using Leeds, Rotherham, Barnsley, Doncaster and so on.   You’ve just been conned by an optimiser selling you on the long tail keyword.  The longer the phrase, the easier it is to rank but the more unlikely you will see honest to goodness search engine hits from.

Short tail versus long tail SEO

I’ll give you an example, one company gets optimised for the short tail, you have been sold on the long tail. 
The company who opened up a shop just up the road from you, and who in your opinion sell inferior wheelchairs to yourself (obviously they come from the same manufacturer, but yours ARE better!) have somehow managed to rank No 2 in Google for “Salsa Wheelchair” – a term that you are only on page 3 of Google for and are paying a fortune on PPC to keep ranking on the first page for.. They seem to be going great guns, indeed their boss just gave everyone a huge bonus and your staff are leaving to go work for them – they are opening up more shops locally to keep up with demand. They had an SEO who understood it’s easy to make money from someone who falls for the long tail, but to have long term reliable income from that company, you really should help them progress the short tail SEO.  

Who am I? Why should you work with ME?

I am a single person who enjoys untangling the most complex algorithm yet built by humans.
I am a single person who revels in reverse engineering the best search engine known to mankind.
I am a single person rebuilding existing websites into modern websites that both search engines and visitors want to see.

What exactly is the work of an SEO expert?

It definitely isn’t about influencing the search engines to rank a terrible website.

Instead, SEO is about creating such an awesome website with a fantastic and consistent user experience, actual worth while content and online presence that the search engines can’t resist placing it on the first page.

I do SEO to improve the web into a better virtual market place, I literally improve it with a single website, one at a time.

I don’t work with most!

My time is precious to me, so I don’t waste my time working with individuals and companies that I have no interest in. I find that I am motivated when I have a knowledge of the subject and also a keen interest.

If you were lucky enough for me to be working on your website, in the first instance I would improve and optimise it to create an amazing user experience and the highest possible conversion. At the same time as undertaking this work and for the next few months, I would carry out an in depth, thoughtful and imaginative SEO campaign, and at some point between around the 3rd and 12 month time frame, your website would start seeing the benefits.

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