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Rollagranola Cavemans Detox 300g by Health Click

Rollagranola Cavemans Detox 300g

Rollagranola Cavemans Detox 300g by can be bought for £8.50


We’ll be honest with you, we’ve never wanted to be a caveman. Living in a cave, dirty and cold and under constant threat of dinosaur attack – no thank you! However, after our paleo range has been such a success we decided to create this super-healthy detox product. The result is an apple, walnut, cashew granola with matcha tea and spinach used to flavour and pomegranate molasses to sweeten – ok we’ll admit those flavour combinations would’ve been quite luxurious for a noble caveman, but we like luxury. Amazingly this product has over 44% nuts, is cereal- and gluten-free and suitable for vegans. If you like this, why not try our Cool Raspberry or Caveman’s Bite products.

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