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Simplee Aloe Health Supplement 500ml by Health Click

Simplee Aloe Health Supplement 500ml

Simplee Aloe Health Supplement 500ml by can be bought for £7.99


Simplee Aloe Simplee Aloe Health Supplement Plain Flavour 500ml nnOur 100% natural and organic Aloe Vera contains only the inner leaf gel of the plant, and no outer rind. We are proud to declare that our Aloe Vera juice is currently the only 100% natural and organic aloe vera juice product on the Market.nnHigh in Polysaccharides.nn100% Organic.nnAdded with a dash of organic lemon juice and no artificial citric acid.nnSustainably cultivated.nnContains the inner leaf gel, not the whole leaf.nnHandpicked and prepared leaves.nnA natural prebiotic.nnContains naturally occurring anti-inflammatory enzymes.

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