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Solgar Megasorb Vitamin B-Complex (50 Tablets) by Health Click

Solgar Megasorb Vitamin B-Complex (50 Tablets)

Solgar Megasorb Vitamin B-Complex (50 Tablets) by can be bought for £9.80


Solgar Megasorb Vitamin B-Complex is a high potency balanced Vitamin B-Complex formulated for improved absorption and delivering key B vitamins, including Thiamine (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Niacin (B3), Pantothenic Acid (B5), and Vitamin B6, along with other B vitamins such as Folic Acid, Biotin (B7) and Vitamin B12.nnMany B vitamins are interdependent, so it is best to take them in combination, for example in a B-complex or a multivitamin containing a B-complex. B vitamins are essential nutrients required by the body. They help our bodies convert food into energy, allowing us to stay energised throughout the day, as well as supporting our mental performance.nnB vitamins are water soluble nutrients that are necessary to maintain energy and general vitality, but they are also used by a number of other important functions within the body including immune, nervous system and psychological functions.

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