Connect Plus Server

Connect Plus Server

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The Connect Plus Server is an all in one onsite solution for many roles and consists of a number of sophisticated elements, all bundled up inside one box which takes the hassle out of managing many IT systems such as email, firewall and access control.  This box is perfect for a company that does not have a dedicated IT team but still requires these functions to work seamlessly.

This is the full server solution, but in some instances we split the functions up should your require, into the connect server and an email server


Email is the most important technology created yet in the ‘digital age’. It is important for business to capitalise on this with a system that can deliver affordable, reliable and accessible email access.

The built-in email server allows both internal and external email for up to 50,000 users on up to 500 domains.

Advanced features such as mail aliases, groups, forwarding and copying are supported, as well as automatically adding disclaimers and content scanning to guard against potential legal issues associated with email usage.


An easily managed firewall is core to the system.   Unlike many router-only and small office Internet solutions, which require the purchase of a separate firewall package, the Connect Plus Server has its firewall built-in

The firewall prevents unauthorised access from the Internet onto the local network. It comes pre-configured with maximum security settings, so that you don’t have to design and implement a security policy before you are protected.

The firewall is highly configurable, and can be set up to support port forwarding and redirection as well as DMZ plus many other features often only found in high end standalone firewall solutions.


‘Virtual Private Networking’ allows offices to be linked together using the Internet. Data sent between branches is encrypted to ensure security.

Remote users can also access their office using standard dial-up networking software.

Connect VPN supports multiple protocols, including IP-Sec, PTPP, L2TP and OpenVPN


The Connect Plus server will host a company-wide Intranet site or an extranet site for information-sharing with key partners. This ability allows organisations to cut the cost of sharing information between locations and cut the paper trail.  As the Connect Plus server runs Apache, MariaDB and Perl, you can also use this server to host your companies websites should you require it.

Access Control

The Connect Plus Server will allow permitted users on the network to have secure and managed access to the Internet through a single connection.

The system includes a sophisticated set of tools to ensure that Internet usage can be properly managed. This can be used to set who has access to which sites and when they can access them. The system can even be used to block certain types of downloads on a per-user basis. Users who attempt to access disallowed sites will be blocked by the system.

The Connect Plus Server also records all Internet access, giving full audit facilities and accountability on a per-user basis. The built-in report generator allows the information to be sorted by user, group, timescale, etc.


Installation of this system takes between half an hour to half a day depending upon exact requirements.  The install price for this hardware is a one off cost of £1,200 with a 5 year hardware guarantee.   Use of this system is so simplistic that non IT people can administrate this with ease, bypassing the need for expensive monthly recurring maintenance fees.  However for more complex problems requiring support, a fee of £15 per hour can be applied to configure this system to your changing needs.

Please email with contact details to discuss obtaining a Connect Plus Server.