The Connect Server

Connect Server

Connectivity is fundamental to practically every business, full control of your internet access is something not to be taken lightly with merely a cheap router.

Let me introduce you to the Connect Server.

If you need the ability to do more than simply connect your business to the outside world, you may have some pretty fundamental requirements such as allowing remote access to home users or partners.

You might need port forwarding or allow FTP access to users to access files and resources and you need to rely on your connection to be safe, helping to make you one of the 10% of British companies who have not suffered some kind of hack or unauthorised intrusion onto their network.

More so, you might also need all the above, but not know the terminology, indeed you may not be qualified, or have anyone working with you who is qualified to use some of the more expensive technology on the market which can provide you with all your needs.

So, I offer you something that will fulfil all your connectivity and firewall needs. An astoundingly fully featured, vast firewall built on the extremely reliable and robust FreeBSD, using the awesome pf packet filter, and an intuitive interface which makes doing the more complex tasks a doddle.

Supporting IPSec, PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN VPNs. This server can handle multi-WAN configurations, and it offers QoS, extremely detailed performance data collection and graphing, load balancing, captive portal, DHCP services, and all kinds of other capabilities.

Here is a more comprehensive list of features, but this is still not exhaustive.

This software firewall is a major portion of the full Connect Plus server, which also features all of the above, plus an email server based around excellent hMailserver.

The prices for this offering are:

Install and configure on your hardware (discuss for requirements)    – £400
Install and configure on our customer built hardware   –   £800
Support (5 hours support time free with each install) – £15 per hour