Virus and Malware Removal

Virus / Malware / Adware removal.

Virus on your system?

If you find your computer is running much slower then when you first bought it, acts erratically and programs either don’t work or are sluggish to run, the chances are you have some kind of malware or virus which has infected your system.

Symptoms of an infected system could be unexpected crashes, a very slow system, excessive hard drive activity when your computer is idle.  These things point to unwanted software which has somehow managed to install itself onto your computer for various purposes.

You could also be experiencing random pop up windows, or notices that warn you of lost access to various drives on your system, or even have friends warn you that you have been sending out spam, with you totally oblivious to the fact.  In a worse case scenario your computer could be part of a botnet, where thousands of infected computers are controlled and used to send out denial of service attacks to knock websites offline, or to send thousands upon thousands of spam mails.

In this kind of scenario two options exist.

  • Factory reset after taking a backup of any required documents and files which will be checked for virus infection.  Your hard drive will then be formatted and the operating system re-installed and your data restored.  This option takes your PC back to how it was when you first purchased it but does not lose any data you might have.  All windows updates will be installed, along with adware and antivirus software to help protect you in future.  Any software you have can be reinstalled.
  • Removal of malware/virus/adware and a general cleanse of your system.  This is a less comprehensive method but sometimes is all that is required.  Malware and virus protection will be installed if not already present, and all windows updates will be installed to help protect your system in future.

For a system cleanse, a flat fee of £25 exists.  For a full backup, wipe and reinstall this goes up to £40 because of the extra time needed.